We ❤️ to help brands identify, engage, and reward their best customers

Every day millions of happy customers are posting stories about the trips they've just taken, the meal they just cooked, or even just a great morning spent with a cup of coffee and book.

Net promoter moments are all around us, yet few brands truly take advantage.

Revnu.ai identifies your best customers and provides them with the tools and incentives to finally realize the full impact of a great product and organically created net promoter moments.

We're small and mighty

Meet our team

John Van Slyke
Founder & CEO
I've spent nearly 20 years working at the intersection of tech and marketing. I built Revnu.ai because I believe there's a better way understand and to market to your customers.
Phil Chmalts
Founder & CTO

Company values

Our values are our commitment to each other, and to our customers, about how we're going to think, act, and make decisions.

Take Ownership, Go Beyond
We take pride in our work and constantly look for ways to improve HomeLight beyond our primary responsibilities. We strive to over-deliver.
Be Humble, Act Scrappy
The definition of "scrappy" in Urban Dictionary: A person who is little but can really kick some ass.
Push Boundaries...
But Do the Right Thing
There are times when rules are meant to be broken and walls knocked down. But if so, it's important to ensure your actions benefit the common good.
Where we are

A Tale of Two Cities

San Rafael
North Lake Tahoe

Every big idea starts with a small step forward.

Easily build lasting partnerships with your best customers who ❤️ your brand.

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